Not to be missed: A feminine glamorous apartment in a historic art noveau building

This dream apartment belongs to decorator and TV presenter Ana Antunes, and is located in Chiado, Lisbon's fashion district. I feel like this apartment speaks to the girly girl in all of us who wants to feel luxurious and pampered in every room of your house. Tiffany blues, mirrored furnishings, pastels, and opulent decor are found throughout this stunning space.

The deep, tall windows in this room are to-die-for.

If you couldn't tell, Ana loves all things Tiffany blue.

I always try to use decor that has special meaning to me, just like Ana has showcased one of her mother's paintings here.

So true and so simple "Always believe your instincts and emotions.  If you love something a lot, stick with it because you won't get tired of it easily"

I've made the mistake of really liking something "of the moment."  Even though I might sincerely like the look, I don't always wait to see if I like it for an extended period, enough to make the commitment to it in my home.

Love all the artwork throughout her home.

What do you think of Ana''s home?

via Adore Home Mag

One of the best home decor books I've read in a while: "Books Make A Home"

There are lots of pretty decorating books out there, but it's only every now and then that I get one where I want to scan and show you every single page. This book, "Books Make A Home," is one of those few gems.

"Books Make A Home," by Damian Thompson, is filled to the brim with ideas and imagery of how to store and display the books in your space - large or small...

like in alcoves..

...even bathrooms! (I do love reading in the tub!)

This white bedroom, where color is solely brought in be books and the three potted plants, is one of my new favorite spaces.

Don't store books above your bed if you live in an earthquake prone area.

I'm against covering books so they fit into your decor or color palette.  Books themselves are beautiful to me, and I like people who come into my home to be able to learn a little more about me, where I've been, and what I'm passionate about, by the spines on my shelf.

A cleverly placed book shelf is a classic great idea for breaking up a studio or large space into separate rooms.

So, are the books in your home there haphazardly? Or have you stored and displayed them in a thoughtful way? If so, do you arrange them based on where you need to access them, there importance to you, the beauty of their spines, etc. ? Can't wait to hear how you integrate books into your home!

 The book can be purchased on Amazon.

 all images from "Books Make a Home," I received "Books Make a Home" as a sample.

From my summer in Europe, Beautiful Vienna

Vienna, Austria...the country's largest city, deemed the "city of music" because of composers like Beethoven , and the "city of dreams," for being the home of Freud. My favorite part of Vienna was it's beautiful gardens.

The gardens of the Belevedere Museum are not to be missed.

Me enjoying the lovely weather in the gardens

We thought this advertisement for a souvenir shop was hilarious

One of the highlights for me of the entire summer was seeing the adorable and gorgeous Lipizzaner mares and their babies at the Spanish Riding School.

Inside St. Stephan's Cathedral

A busy tourist street

The Judenplatz Holocaust Memorial, commemorates the more than 65,000 Austrian Jews killed by Nazis between 1938 and 1945.  It is very poignant.

"The outside surfaces of the volume are cast library shelves turned inside out. The spines of the books are facing inwards and are not visible, therefore the titles of the volumes are unknown and the content of the books remains unrevealed. The shelves of the memorial appear to hold endless copies of the same edition, which stand for the vast number of the victims, as well as the concept of Jews as "People of the Book." The double doors are cast with the panels inside out, and have no doorknobs or handles. They suggest the possibility of coming and going, but do not open." -via Wikipedia

Anyone been to Vienna or hoping to go one day?

As always - thanks to my boyfriend Chris for these gorgeous photos.

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